If I dont respond to your insult it means what i wanted to say was too mean and I decided to let you live

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"Why does my happiness depend on your attention?"

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Polsci BFFs


She smelled of cigarettes and sadness, but she was a political science student and met these intelligent and awesome people. Together, they smelled of cigarettes but no longer sadness.

Ara, Kat, Ry, Russ.

I used to only call them by ‘drinking buddies’ as we would usually go out drinking whenever…

Ughh! How sweet :”“”“”“”“”“”> Kilig peps. Huhu.

"I want a clingy partner. Someone who would spam my inbox with “where are you’s” and “are you okay’s” whenever I forget to message him. Someone who easily gets jealous with all the boys I talk to and hang out with. Someone who would give me curfews because he doesn’t want me to be out late at night. Someone who would beg me to stay when I threaten to leave. Someone who would run after me when I start to walk away. Someone who is willing to do things for me without me telling him to just because he wants me to be happy. Someone who would tell me how much he loves me and how much he is willing to give up and do for me every time I feel like letting go. Someone who has more faith in me than anybody else. Someone who won’t ever give up on me even if I am close to doing so."

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